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All Aboard the Memphis Train!


For a while now I’ve been having a slightly big obsession with the Memphis group. Which you might have noticed when looking at my blog header. I have a real soft spot for the playfulness of the geometric shapes.


When I found this little wooden train at the thrift shop, I knew I was going to paint it white with multiple coloured wheels. And then I got an even better idea. Memphis patterns! Now my only problem is that I like it so much that I’m not sure I want my destroyer baby playing with it.









The Fear


Time for a confession; I’ve had fear of failure for most of my life.

The biggest challenge in my past was undoubtedly Art School.
I loved being creative but then there is also the judging of your work…
I was so concerned with the reactions of my teachers that instead of following my own creativity and use their comments as guidelines, I tried to create something that met with their approval loosing my own ideas in the process. Which (ask any art school student) is a sure fire way to NOT get any.
Finally the fear of failure made me frieze up and literally nothing would come out of my hands. In the end I dropped out of art school and fled to the safety of the university.

But I did want to protect that creative part of myself by giving myself an outlet, a place where I could just focus on beauty and creativity, where I would be inspired. A place to document my own creative journey. This became my blog.

When I became pregnant for the second time last year, I felt so drained of everything that being creative was almost impossible. I just got it together long enough to do something with the nursery and than basically just took a really long nap.

Blogging was hard and it became harder and harder. This past year I’ve tried to breathe and reboot so many times. But I couldn’t keep it up.
Blogging became something I forced myself to do.
Obviously this didn’t work. How can you give anything when you feel like you have nothing to give?

I started to compare myself to others and felt inadequate.
Blogging became tied in with my fear of failure.
I felt I had let myself down in the worst way.
Maybe I had even been wrong about myself all along.
Maybe I wasn’t creative at all. Maybe I was just all talk and no game.
Blogging became just a confirmation of my own failure.
And being a mom for the second time, working and managing our lives were all great excuses of why I simply didn’t have the time to blog.
I even stopped reading other blogs.

Recently I started to think about what to do with this blog. Do I want to quit? Try again?  What?

Then I got the flu (usually not a good thing) en forced to stay in bed I visited Dos Family (one of my favourites) and suddenly it clicked.
I looked at all their crazy/lovely/beautiful/insane posts and I realized what Jenny and Isabelle were doing. They aren’t trying to become something else or show something that wasn’t there.
Jenny and Isabelle share their lives tidy or not, styled or not, trendy or not. They embrace who they are and share every quirky bit of it.

So why was I so concerned with failing? If I want to blog, I can!
There are no rules; there are no requirements only the ones I created in my head. Rules that I made by comparing myself to others.
But I’m not a professional blogger, I blog because I want to.
I blog, because I like to experiment and create.
And I can do it any way I want.

So I am done making up rules for myself, compare myself or censure myself.
Time for a fresh start and show a little more of me.

Foto op 5-16-14 om 10.44 AM #2

Easiest Scarf Ever


Love wool but can’t knit?
Like making your own things but also kind of lazy?
This is the scarf for you!
Based on my own experience as a lazy knitter with a thing for pretty wool, I thought of a little trick around the whole ‘knitting problem’.


Here’s how you do it.

2 balls of wool, a pretty chunky wool will do best.
2 spools of thread: 1 in the same colour as your wool and 1 in any colour you fancy.

– Cut strands of wool to the length you want.
– Place all you strands together horizontally as they will be once the scarf is finished.
– Put the your spool of thread(the same coloured one) onto your sewing machine and start sewing the wool together.
– To get the wool through the machine use your hands to keep the wool strands together and guide them through.
– Go back and forth a couple of times.
– Then move up a bit and repeat this throughout the length of your wool. I did this at intervals of about 10-15 centimeter (but whatever tickels your fancy).
– Don’t worry if it’s a little wonky it’s just to keep the wool together.
– Repeat this throughout the length of your wool.
– Now get out your fancy spool of thread and repeat the whole thing but this time try to create some nice lines and patterns while sewing.
– And presto! You’re done.

I actually made a tube scarf, so you have to sew the ends together (first the same colour thread and then the fancy thread). But it’s fine to leave it as is too.


The Dark Crystal Returns

dark crystal #1

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the movie Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. I’m just in love with the fantastic characters and beautiful puppets. 10 years ago I even found a vintage movie poster! I never had it decently framed though because of it’s unusual form. A couple of years ago my parents wanted to have it framed as a birthday gift. But instead of framing it, they sort of lost it! Which really sucked. Then 2 weeks ago, my mom found it again and also had it framed. So, the birthday gift came in a bit late, but I really really love having my poster back.

dark crystal #2

To celebrate I made the Boyfriend watched the movie again with me. And it’s still pretty damn good. I also completely forgot I own a special edition of the movie that comes with a replica of Jim Henson’s sketch book and a reproduction of the original 35mm movie. I’ve definitely been in nerd heaven thanks to the return of the missing poster!

Immer Urlaub


Last friday I joined Iris for the opening of the wonderful Urlaub Illustration and Concept Store. What an inspiring place! Ellen did such a great job putting it all together. There was so much to see (and buy). I really love to see products that were made with such attention and care. And of course there were lovely people to chat to and eat with. A great evening! Of course I couldn’t resist buying something for our future baby girl. I also couldn’t resist leaving Ellen a little message about her shop with a funny little man on a chalkboard.

urlaub#2 urlaub#3

Society 6 Love

One of my favourite online shops is society6.
I totally get off on all of the pretty artwork.
In fact, it’s hard to keep from drooling….
I actually keep a little wish list with my favourites.
Today I thought I’d share my current wish list with you!

soc61 soc62 soc631. Haircut 1 – Erin Case  2. Esfera – Victor Vercesi  3. MTNS – Luke Flynt  4. Space Oddity – Pablo Zarate  5. L’infinito – Victor Vercesi  6. Valentina – Dawn Gardner 7. Moonrise Kingdom – Girlviolence  8. Diamond – David Fleck




Away On Holiday: Graffiti

Just one more post about our lovely holiday. Going to Sardinia I expected the towns and villages that we visited to be quaint and picturesque. I thought about derelict buildings and vespa’s. But somehow I never thought about modern day stuff like graffiti. Then when we visited Cagliari (Capital of Sardinia) I was kind of suprised by the amount of graffiti and I ended up photographing them a lot more then all of the old stuff (churches and what not) together! 

I also feel in love with this one artist and had a lot of fun spotting his/her pieces. I loved the crazy fishes, ships and other weird spikey entities I found on the walls of Cagliari. I even played a detective a little bit and did a Google search to find out who was behind those great pieces. And I even found him! He works under the name Crisa and if you also like his stuff, you can found out more about him here and look at more work here.

Excuse the blurriness of the photo, I took it from a moving car, the Sardinian traffic craziness really didn’t allow us to stop!

Ombre Dye DIY

It’s all over the blogosphere and I must say, this is one of those trends I love! (unlike wedge sneakers). Along with neon pink I’ve had a soft spot for ombre garments ever since I was little and pretended to be a fashion designer. Seriously, the amounts of pink and rainbow-coloured ombre dresses I drew are insane.

I thought I might try my hand at my own little ombre DIY project. I decided on ombre bed linens. Mostly because a white duvet cover is the only completely white item I own.

The result isn’t much of a classic ombre. To me it’s some sort of landscape study in pink (woah, this makes the duvet cover sound very arty all of a sudden!).
Then there’s this tie-dye feeling because the paint clearly didn’t reach every bit of the fabric. These shapes look like weird tree-with-moss-nature-things to me. It’s more of an experimental ombre meets tie-dye duvet cover now!
I guess I’ll file this experiment under serendipity. It may not be the result I was aiming for, but I kind of like the result in it’s own weird pink-xtc-trip-way. 

Since this isn’t your typical DIY tutorial, I won’t tell you what to do. But here are a few things I’ve learned while doing this:

  1. If you want to paint a piece of fabric this large, you need a big container to hold both dye and fabric. I used an empty (and clean!) garbage can, but it clearly wasn’t big enough as the dye couldn’t reach every nook and cranny due to the folds in the fabric. I think a bathtub would be your best bet.
  2. Don’t listen too much to the instructions on the package, Technically the amount of dye I used wasn’t enough for the amount of fabric, but it was more then enough really. You only need the indicated amount for dark shades of the color you select.
  3. You have to figure out your own time schedule for painting an ombre, I did the bottom first and left it in the paint for the amount of time indicated on the package. The second part of the fabric I dipped for only half the time of the first round and so on.
  4. Don’t put it in the washing machine! This sounds stupid I know, but here’s what happened to me: originally, I wanted to top of the dovet cover to be white, so I didn’t dip it in the dye. The instructions said to let the fabric dry and then rinse it out manually. So after drying, I rinsed it from top to bottom in the shower as to make sure there wouldn’t be any pink on my white half. Then I let it dry again. According to the instructions, I would now be able to wash the duvet cover in the washing machine. So I did, there obviously was some paint left in the fabric because my top half was pink within minutes! I have no idea how to solve this problem, maybe more rinsing?

So, that’s my two cents regarding DIY ombre projects. Hopefully my pearls of wisdom will come in handy when you try it yourself! Good luck and let me know how it turns out…

Vintage Painting Restyle Again

I found an awesome Bob Ross-esque painting at the thriftstore. Though it needed a little love especially on the awful brownish frame. Initially I wanted to do something like this again. But I changed my mind and I’m pretty happy with the result of my experiment! 

Awesome Typography Art

This week I loved this image:

I found it on Bloesem Blog and I was immediately in bombarded by its awesomeness! I had to find out where it came from and who made it. After some online detective work, this is what I found: it was made by Dominique Falla a.k.a. the Tactile Typographer, an artist from Melbourne, Australia. She loves making different kinds of typography with tactile media. And I must say, I’m a sucker for both! The work I could do Anything… is about the creative process and the fact that it can be a bitch sometimes. An idea can go in so many different directions, it can be quite hard to make decisions sometimes. This work actually comes with something of a Part Two. 

This is the second half of the sentence. First Dominique created I could do anything, then she unwound it and renailed the second half If only I could decide  what it was. If you look closely you can still see the holes from the first half of the work.

Do you like this as much as I do? Well, then definitely head over to Dominique’s site, because there is more where this came from!