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Going Bananas

Wooden letters or signs aren’t exactly new in interior-land but these signs by William Dohman, that I found in his Etsy shop sure are cool! And I have a feeling that a yellow banana sign would really tie my room together…  You can get them here and even pick out your own colour.

And he makes these clunky wooden toys as well. You can’t really play with them, but I think they look really funny!

This just flew in

I ordered two prints from Etsy a while ago. And they just arrived!

The one that says ‘When life hands you lemons make a gin and tonic’ I got from Dear Colleen on Etsy. I thought it was really funny and very uplifting in ‘dark times’. The Japanse print I found at OneLittleBird Studio on Etsy, who did a wonderful thing by the way, all the profits of the shop went to Japan. i love the print, it’s so serene and peaceful. Also, I found out that it was featured on Decor8 like last week. And rightly so!