beautiful circus

In my endless online quest, I stumbled onto Bang Bang Copenhagen. Anything with a cool name like that must be pretty awesome. Turns out, it is! This gorgeous clothing label was founded by Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager.

They are inspired by Japanese origami mixed with a bit of street coolness. To me they also seem a bit circus inspired. I love the playfulness and weirdness of the clothes. Take a look yourself:

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the way they abundance of the clothes are mixed with the composed poses of the kids and the calm background colours. And YES!!! Before you ask, they also have grown up versions!

Pictures from the bang bang copenhagen website:

One response to “beautiful circus

  1. Oooh, wat gaaf, vooral die rechtse volwassen versie. En de neonhoed moet wel het fashionstatement van 2011 zijn. Die ga ik vouwen en opzetten als ik in de stad wildvreemde vrouwen toe ga schreeuwen.

    Je hebt trouwens een bekend gezicht. Nou is DB natuurlijk geen metropool, dus de kans is aanwezig dat ik je ergens van (her)ken. 😉

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