Dior and René Gruau

So, today it’s fashion AGAIN. Sorry for that! But I can’t help it. Why not? Because it concerns my two vices: Dior and the fifties. Dior, I got to know during my year in Art school, where I studied fashion.  You simply can not NOT love Galliano! And the fifties, well, I guess that’s just a love for life. So I’ve got some images from the Dior Spring 2011 Couture show to show you.

It’s inspired by famous fashion illustrator René Gruau. He drew for mister Christian Dior Himself in the 40’s and 50’s. A little bit about Gruau: When he got together with Christian Dior they formed the infamous “New Look” Gruau added the beautiful lines and graphic way of illustrating to Dior’s designs. If you look closely you see a bit of Toulouse-Lautrec and a bit of Japanse drawing in his illustrations. No wonder there so gorgeous. Just look at the beautiful drawings he made for Dior and the Moulin Rouge.

Galliano used the work of René Gruau as his inspiration in the most literal way. Not only does he use the gorgeous fifties silhouette of high waisted skirts with a beautiful flare at the bottom. (Which are a little reminiscent of mad men, my all time favorite!) But Galliano uses the actual drawings, in the clothing you can find the watercolours, pencil strokes, scribbles and even erasure marks that are visible on Gruau’s drawings. So beautifully crafted and translated to clothing. So today, I feel in love all over again with Dior.


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