Little Finds

So saturday I went to the thrift shop. I wanted to find some kitschy cups covered with gold and flowers. Why? I loved Anki’s idea and decided to copy it a little bit and bring some spring into my home as well. But I failed miserably! I couldn’t find anything that would do. But I did find these cups! I love the colors of the cups. And the really beautiful almost mathematical pattern. So I took them home with me. I won’t be filling them with earth and flowers though! But I’ll find a nice place for them.


3 responses to “Little Finds

  1. Sow, die zijn prachtig, ik hou enorm van dit soort fifties/geometrische figuren. Mocht je nooit koffie drinken, dan kun je er kaarsvet in smelten en er een lont in steken. Leuk zo drie kaarsjes bij elkaar!

  2. Those are fabulous! 🙂

  3. Wat een gave kopjes, die zijn veel te mooi voor aarde inderdaad!

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