Kitchen Debut

This weekend I finally was home during the day. So picture time! I decided to show you the kitchen first. Mainly because it was the only space in the house that was clean(ish) and not an incredible mess! I live in what in Dutch is called a ‘pijpenla’ which means is a long narrow house. So when you enter, you’re basically standing in the kitchen or as I like to call it ‘a open plan living‘ ;-). Of course I was incredibly critical of myself and the kitchen. Soon after I realized I was actually going to post pictures of it on the INTERNET, I started questioning the entire kitchen and all my choices. But that’s not gonna get me anywhere. So I’m posting them anyway!

And before you ask: Yes, I do love pink! 😉


6 responses to “Kitchen Debut

  1. Wow, wat een gave keuken! Die tomado-rekjes zijn heerlijk Scandinavisch. Mooie kleuren ook. Heel gaaf, ik wil graag meer zien!

  2. Wauw, mooie keuken!! Ik vind de combinatie witte keuken met blauw muur prachtig, staat al een tijdje op mijn inspiratielijst voor onze keuken. En de rekjes passen er inderdaad perfect bij. Ben ook benieuwd naar je andere ruimten!

    Heb trouwens kussens besteld voor op mijn bank. Toch geen Darling Clementines, they’re all yours. 😉

  3. Your kitchen is very lovely and pretty. I love the colors. It has a happiness about it. Love the first picture especially.

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