something in my house…

As you might have guessed, I don’t live alone. There’s a boyfriend (kind of weird still calling him that after 7 years) and there’s a cat. But there’s one other thing…. He usually leaves a trail behind where ever he goes…… Like this one:This trail probably tells you a little about this other inhabitant of our house. It’s a little kid. A 20 month old boy to be precise. And he likes putting his mark on our interior as much as I do. Because his stuff is everywhere! Since I’m new in the whole blogging thing, for now I decided to keep this little boy outside the picture. But of course he is a big factor in my life (and home!) so I’ll give him a little nickname for the blog. And because he is still very small but also very good at making a big mess I call him a mini monster. So I think ‘Mini’ is a good name for him. Having Mini around is great (of course). And I don’t even really mind the mess. That’s easy to clean up. But it is a factor that definitely puts a mark on your interior. I must always remember not to put decorations within his reach, everything is a toy to him. And more than that, Mini has a lot of stuff! So I’m always trying to make sure that his stuff and my stuff can coexist happily together. Fortunately they make beautiful toys and furniture for children these days!


3 responses to “something in my house…

  1. Mini Monster, looks like he has a strong ‘karakter’ as well!!!
    Maybe you should call him TERROR!

  2. Wat een gave foto’s weer. Hoe mooi kan rotzooi soms zijn hè?

    (De volgende keer bel ik misschien wel aan voor een kop thee. Als ik durf. ;))

    • Inderdaad, sommige rotzooi is best mooi om te zien (al zie ik het soms liever op een foto naar dan in het echt!). Enne als je de moed bij elkaar hebt geraapt, staat de thee klaar. 😉

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