Istanbul I (the part with the old stuff)

So much to see, so much to tell. I hardly know where to begin! I guess I’ll start with a our hotel:We selected our hotel from the Lonely planet website, It said something like this: Like a boudoir from a ’70s porn-flick, they’re decked out with deep maroon satin bedspreads, heart-shaped pillows, ruffles on ruffles and over-the-top painted mouldings. And spotless. Desperate decor, seductive style, lascivious luxury. We’re getting faint just thinking about it and may need to lie down.’ That just sounded like all kinds of cool to me. I love a good kitschy décor and a bit of humor. And as you can see Lonely Planet wasn’t lying, we even had a canopy bed!

We started of with the sites, being an art historian (can’t get used to that word yet!) I’ve read so much about the mosaics and  monuments, that I really was looking forward to actually seeing them myself in stead of in some college book. And the Weather Gods even gave me to very different perspectives on the monuments. One on a pre-spring weather day at the beginning of our trip and one with a more mid-winter feel to it at the end:The snow wasn’t really what I expected, but the again, how many tourists get to see both the sunny and the snowy side of these buildings? 😉

Topkapi Palace took up a big part of our time but it was so beautiful! Especially the Harem part (the Sultan’s private quarters), this place had the most beautiful tiles and domes. Also I loved their ‘build-in closets’.

We also saw the archeological museum and some of the original mosaics of the palace that Justinian I build (the guy who also build the Aya Sophia). I was just in awe, the intricacy of those mosaics, they were so beautiful. I think I took a picture of just about every one of them!Well, this post has gone on long enough! I’ll leave the old world behind and try and show some more modern stuff tomorrow….




4 responses to “Istanbul I (the part with the old stuff)

  1. Wow, sneeuw, dat is wel bijzonder! Topkapi paleis is inderdaad prachtig, ik realiseerde me later dat ik vergeten was je die ‘tip’ door te mailen, maar ik wist met vrij grote zekerheid dat je daar zonder mijn tips ook wel zou belanden! 😉
    Waren jullie eigenlijk met of zonder mini op pad?

    • Tja, de sneeuw was een beetje raar. Helemaal omdat iedereen me maar smsjes bleef sturen dat ik vast heel mooi weer had… Topkapi was inderdaad een makkelijke, en dankzij de tip van de Lonely Planet hebben we ook het harem gedeelte gezien, wat echt veruit het mooist was! Mini was niet mee op onze trip, na 2 vakantieloze jaren vonden we het tijd voor een ‘weekje zonder’. Mini is lekker hier gebleven en heeft wel carnaval gevierd! Hij blijkt een echte bosschenaar…

  2. Prachtig!! Die sneeuw en zon plaatjes zijn heel bijzonder!

  3. Incredible how you experienced the two weather conditions and got to photograph them. So much detail and intricacy in the tile work. Love the photo of the stained glass window.

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