Istanbul II (the part with a bit of everything)

I really didn’t only see old stuff in Instanbul. Promise! Today a little glimpse. I must admit, I haven’t been waving my camera all around the Grand Bazar. Mainly because standing around long enough to take a good picture to the salesmen meant that I was interested in purchasing something from their little shops. Or that I could be persuaded to do so. Also it was a bit dark and crowded, so a good shot with no people in it were hard to find! Here are some images of the that I did manage to take. And some photo’s of all kinds of bits and pieces of IstanbulOur Istanbul this trip wasn’t just any trip It was carefully planned! Ever since Mini was born we haven’t taken a proper vacation yet. So it was the first one in over 2 years, and we really needed it. Also, where I live it was carnaval a 4 day event where everybody gets dressed up and drinks a lot. As an innercity girl this means the whole celebration is kind of in my face. If you join in, that’s fine and you won’t really mind everything thats going on around you. But if you want to stay out of it, then the whole thing is really just a lot of noise, mess and irritation. That’s why I decided to just leave. And than the third reason: last week was my birthday. And at this point I don’t really feel like celebrating it anymore.(slowly approaching the end of my 20’s) I though it was beter if I just treated myself to a little break instead of a party.

Then on my birthday we were just walking along the streets of instanbul, when we passed a museum, that I had no intention of visiting. I saw the poster for the current exhibition. Turns out, it was a Frida Kahlo and Diege Rivera exhibition! And I’m a big fan, so this was the best unexpected birthday gift I could have asked for!




6 responses to “Istanbul II (the part with a bit of everything)

  1. I love that pool-blue building with the lawn in front. How lucky to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibition, and in Istanbul of all places. I love her work too. That is one memory you will never foget. Happy Birthday too to you.

  2. Kan me voorstellen dat je erg verheugd was onverwachts die Frida Kahlo expositie aan te treffen (ik ben jaren geleden in haar ‘blauwe huis’ in Mexico City geweest, geweldig!). Ik verheug me er ook altijd op om lekker spontaan ergens een museum binnen kunnen lopen en dan iets moois te zien, maar op de een of andere manier tref ik dan altijd alleen van die exposities in de trant van ‘100 jaar landbouwwerktuigen in Zuidwest-Noorwegen’ of ‘Alles over de werking van wind- en waterenergie’…

  3. Gaaf zeg, die Frida-expo! Ziet eruit alsof jullie het super hebben gehad in Istanbul!

  4. Wat is er een hoop te zien op je foto’s. Die Kahlo-expositie was een prachtig cadeau, nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

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