Things I got in: Istanbul

I promise, I’ll shut up about Istanbul very soon! But I wanted to show some of the things I got on my little trip. I didn’t go over the top. But I’m really happy with the things we brought home.

When I saw these Poufs at the Grand Bazar, I immediately got one (if immediately means walking passed them a lot and endless deliberating with the Boyfriend). And I’m pretty happy with the shape and pattern of it! Mini also thinks it’s great, because to him it’s basically a mattress. 

Boyfriend decided he wanted a dish, a hand made/painted original dish. And after a lot of haggling he made a pretty good deal. I must say i’m a little surprised by his taste, because I really like it too! 😉Of course I wanted something just for me as well. So I got this necklace, deciding to buy it took me even longer than the pouf! It’s basically a long piece of string with beads on it and you just wrap it around your neck. Of course I also needed a pair of earrings (the ones with green stones) to ‘complete’ the necklace.

Mini also deserved a few gifts, so he got a pair of turkish slippers among other things. I also brought home a print with Turkish birds from the Istanbul Modern Museum. And a year ago I decided to start a little collection of snowglobes of places I’ve been. So far I have three… So I brought one of the Aya Sophia back with me, that makes four. That means my collection is really taking off now 😉

It feels kind of materialistic to just show things I bought, but at the same time I’m really happy with them, so I guess that has to count for something as well!



6 responses to “Things I got in: Istanbul

  1. Mooi zeg, de print vind ik echt super. Niet materialistisch hoor, soms is het gewoon fijn om te genieten van mooie spullen om je heen, en daar mag je best een post aan wagen!

  2. Als ik weer op vakantie ben zal ik ook een snowglobe voor je meenemen, dan wordt de collectie nog eens wat 🙂

  3. Gave aankopen! Vooral op de geometrische poef en de vogel-print ben ik een beetje jaloers. En materialistisch? Tja, ik word gelukkig van mooie spullen. Niet alleen dure spullen, dan is het minder erg, toch?

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