bad blanket

A while ago, I thought I had found a really good escape route in my quest to find a good blanket for our sofa. I found a great looking wool blanket. It had all the colours I liked. A bit of deep green, a lovely 50’s yellow and some great pink. What a perfect solution marktplaats provided for me (yet again)! Then I actually got it. Turns out, the colours weren’t that bright at all! They were kind of bland and blah. I don’t have a good picture, but this is how the blanket appeared on marktplaats:

And this is how it actually looks:Damn! This isn’t at all what it really looks like. The colours appear really bright on this photo. I guess this blanket just photographs really well. Maybe if I edit it….Now that’s better! This is what the blanket actually looks like. I don’t think a situation like this occurs very often, that you actually have to edit a photo for the worse instead of for the better!

PS: the fate of the blanket remains undecided. Maybe I should make something like this out of it:

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6 responses to “bad blanket

  1. Herkenbaar, foto’s op mp kunnen zo misleidend zijn. Ik had het met onze vorige bank: op de foto’s mosgroen met zwart, in het echt: olijf met bruin. Maar ja, toen stonden we al met aanhangwagen aan de andere kant van het land en de vorm vond ik wel heel mooi. Tja.

    Het patroon van de deken is wel super trouwens. Misschien is het een mooie picknickdeken?

  2. En oja: beterschap jij!

  3. Haha, wat mysterieus, de ‘te-goed-fotografeerbare-deken’! Ik wou dat ik dat talent van die deken had! (=veel mooier op foto’s staan dan ik in werkelijkheid ben)

  4. Hi,
    do you still have it? maybe it’s an addition to our blankets museum 🙂

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