PS I love you

A while ago I came across the wonderful webshop of PS Ikhouvanjou (meaning PS Iloveyou). And I must admit, the love was mutual. They have a very big selection over lovely things. I decided to order a couple of puzzles for Mini because they look so great and Mini was in need of a few new ones. A couple of days later I got a package and opening it was like a small party just for me! Everything was beautifully  wrapped  and Mini had a ball opening them.I ordered 3 puzzles, two Djeco wooden puzzles with animals and one Janod wooden rocket. The rocket is also a puzzle, a magnet keeps the parts of the rocket together. And one of the Djeco puzzles actually is a 3 layer puzzle. Pretty Damn Cool I’d say. And so would Mini, if he spoke that eloquently. 


2 responses to “PS I love you

  1. Driedubbele puzzels met geweldige figuurtjes en een fantastische driedimensionale spoetnikpuzzel: wat hebben wij een hoop gemist in onze jeugd!

  2. Oh ja, dat is een heerlijke shop, vind ik ook. Gave aankopen! 🙂

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