Tie the Room Together

I’m not really a big fan of the ‘rug’ the same way I’m not a big fan of the coffee table. Usually I don’t think either one is particularly necessary or practical. A rug really is quite a dominant factor in one’s living room and also big and fluffy a lot of the times (a dust trap for sure!). I’m not even going to get started on how I feel about coffee tables, though they cna be quite beautiful (that’s a whole other post). But lately I’ve been thinking, a rug would really tie the room together. So I’m considering the option. Of course when I visited Istanbul I saw beautiful Rose Kelims and gorgeous contemporary Turkish carpets. But I still wasn’t to sure about the whole rug-thing. But I also found these beautiful mats. I love the wild prints! And also this structure! I must say, I’m quite enamoured with these mats. The girls over at Domestic Construction call this line Grounded: a unique flooring alternative.Each mat is digitally dyed. And the designs are based on original hand cut designs by the ladies themselves. They are based in upstate New York and specialize in ‘alternative surfaces’. Sounds mighty interesting right?

[images from Domestic Construction]


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