Multiple Rainbows

Yesterday’s post was pretty serious. So today something lighter: Rainbows. So here are a few images from my rainbow-archive.

1. Gabriel Dawe, Plexus no. 3 via Booooooom 2. Aaron Jay, Mr. Cloud’s New Scarf via Threadless 3. Valero Doval, Chromata via Whorange 4. Dr.KennedyJones, Gilbertville Public Library via Etsy 5. Sarah Blick, Raindrops via Flickr 6. Alexandra Angle Interior Design, Chair via Poppytalk 7. Mark Warren Jacques, Everyday is a Beautiful Day via Hey Mammoth 8. Wisely Chosen, Rainbow Hair via Flickr 9. Liz Jones, Rubbish Rainbows via JunkCulture 10. Blissful Chick, My Fantastical Polaroid, with sliver of rainbow and faux wood grain via Etsy


3 responses to “Multiple Rainbows

  1. Je eerdere post doet nadenken, maar na een dag hard werken is deze regenboog-collage zeer welkom! 🙂

  2. Wow, wat een mooie collage! 🙂 Om blij van te worden…

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