Bed Troubles

After finally finding a new bed for mini, and even managing to find the kind of bed I was looking for, I thought I was pretty much done. But it turned out that I was just getting started… After a very long debate (mostly between me and myself) we decided to paint Mini’s new bed a bright yellow. His room is really teeny and there isn’t much daylight, so I wanted a light colour that wouldn’t seem massive and something bright to make up for the sunlight. So yellow!

Than the trouble started: Boyfriend started sanding the bed and quickly found out that underneath the white was actually a blue so in the end the bed needed four coats of yellow. Problem number 2 arose when we had the first coat of yellow on the bed frame, we decided to paint it outside because the weather was great. But we didn’t know that meant a lot of bugs outside who all happen to love the colour yellow. So Mini’s bed was covered in flies… after sanding them of we decided to continue the process inside. And that’s when problem 3 reared its ugly head, I got a shoulder infection from all the painting! And I couldn’t paint (or basically do anything) anymore. Problem number 4 wasn’t even that big of a problem it was more a huge irritation on my part, the bed frame and all the paint stuff ended up standing in our living room for almost 2 weeks![this was up against our wall for the better part of 2 weeks. A real eyesore! Luckily I have a great lomo app on my iphone to make it bearable ;-)][and one with Mini running past the bed. He turned 2 yesterday! Normally i don’t show pictures of him here, but I thought that a blurry one for the occasion would be alright!]


3 responses to “Bed Troubles

  1. Gefeliciteerd nog met mini!
    De frustratie van gele verf ken ik; de kast van Mus heeft gele grondverf en vier lagen gele lak, maar nog steeds zie je de de donkere kleur op sommige plekken. (als je goed kijkt, maar dat doe dus, al is het uit frustratie)
    Ik hoop dat het inmiddels beter gaat met je schouder.

    • @ Iris en Anki bedankt voor jullie beterschapswensen. En fijn dat ik niet de enige ben die enorm gefrustreerd raakt schilderprojecten! Een likje verf klinkt vaak veel makkelijker dan het is. Enne Anki, ik zie ook nog steeds een paar plekjes op het bedje, maar ik probeer maar niet te veel te kijken….

  2. Ik herken de frustraties. Niet per se met geel, wel met andere projecten. Maar zo te zien heeft het goed uitgepakt! Nu nog van de schouderblessure af en het is helemaal goed. 😉 Beterschap!

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