Reminiscing About the Past

Before I post some pictures of Mini’s new and completely finished bed. I wanted to reminisce about the past and show some pictures of Mini’s baby bed. Taking down and replacing his bed was a big moment, his baby days are definitely over and the replacing of the bed kind of marks the point where he is really becoming a little boy (though he continues to call himself ‘baby’) If you happen to love the wallpaper as much as I do, it’s by fashion designer JC De Castelbajac. He did a wallpaper line called Popier Peint, you can find a lot more of his wallpaper here. The interpretation of Hokusai’s Great Wave with bunnies is by Kozydan.


4 responses to “Reminiscing About the Past

  1. Wat een geweldig kamertje zeg, dat behang en de print zijn super. Ben wel benieuwd hoe je het gaat inrichten met het gele bedje.

  2. Wat een super leuk kamertje! Dat behang is geweldig.

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