A Beautiful Blik Wall

Wondering around on the internet I came across Blik. A company that makes the most gorgeous en lovely wall decals (or wall stickers) the ones I like often have this lovely graphic element to them. They take the designs from all kinds of artists and turn them into wall decals. I must say, I really like this idea, it’s different than a painting or wallpaper. But I think it could really work very well on a wall. I love the ones they make for children (or adults ;-)). But I really have a soft spot for the Indian girl as well…. Have a look yourself!

A list of the artists featured:

1. I Never Saw The Sign – David Bray 2. Love – Threadless by Eika 3. The Trip – Michelle Lasalvia 4. Punctuation Flowers – 2×4 5. Night Owls – Amy Ruppel 6. Irregular Mesh – Camila León 7. Animals Alphabetized – A Modern Eden 8. Animal Friendlies – Hybrid Design 9. Birdie Banner – Wee Gallery 10. Boodalee City – Boodalee

[all images taken from the blik website]



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