It’s Been A While…

Since I last wrote a post. In the previous two weeks a lot of things happened at once. First of all my stupid shoulder is still not better but it’s slowly improving. The shoulder kept me from handing in my final paper on time, so I had to ask for an extension. This meant that a lot of my free time went into writing the paper and I’ve finally finished it yesterday at 4 o’clock exactly! It really feels like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders! The whole paper thing was one of the big reasons I wasn’t able to write a decent blogpost. At the end of the day after working and then working on my paper, I simply had to rest and couldn’t bear to sit behind a computer anymore.

And then a completely different thing came bulldozing through our lives as well. We are moving! And this is all happening on very short notice. Of course we weren’t prepared for that in the least. But it is happening! That means: a lot of DIY-ing in the evening hours in the new house. Which isn’t being done by me because of the damn shoulder again (it’s both a blessing and a curse ;-)). So Boyfriend (and helpers) are doing all the hard work. Here’s a little preview of what the house looks like on the outside. The inside will follow….


3 responses to “It’s Been A While…

  1. Joh, dat is verderop bij mij in de straat! Leuke plek!

    Fijn dat je jaar nu is afgerond. Gefeliciteerd! En veel succes met klussen en verhuizen (en mini daar nog bij). En als je een kopje suiker of klusbenodigdheden nodig hebt, geef maar een gil.

  2. Jaaa, ik weet ook waar het is, leuk! 🙂 Succes met verhuizen!

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