There and Back Again

Back from a very watery holiday. Being in Holland (or any place in Northern Europe for that matter) this time of year wasn’t a great idea. Especially being on a boat in Holland wasn’t great. If the weathers’ good (and with good I mean dry) it’s great being on a boat. But when it’s wet, its a different story. Then it’s basically camping (but on the water) and everyone is cramped together in a small space where moist is creeping its way in.So we cut our holiday by the sea short, after a week we went home and once we were all dry again, we decided to ‘move’ our holiday to Nijmegen and stayed in my mother in laws’ house while she was on vacation. Still a lot of rain, but at least we were in a comfortable house this time! On the whole, this holiday doesn’t really feel much like a holiday. But still, it was nice to have some time of from our busy life, and just spend time with the three of us. And doing fun things together!


2 responses to “There and Back Again

  1. Soms voel je het niet, maar rust je toch uit van ‘even er tussenuit’. Hoop dat we snel af kunnen spreken!

  2. mm, vervelend. Hier aan zee is het hetzelfde verhaal. We gaan morgen naar huis toe en nog steeds geen echt goed weer gehad. Jammer. Hoop dat je toch wat bent uitgerust!

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