High Risk

A new house means new decorating ideas to experiment with. I usually don’t take decorating to ‘serious’ and try to just have fun with it. Also, I like to try new things every time and not get to comfortable in my comfort zone.On Pinterest I found an image that I kinda liked. And it kept hanging around in my brains.

I like the idea of having a pattern on the wall without it being too dominant in the room. So maybe this was an option for the new house? Since our new sitting room isn’t very big and has this 30’s wooden ‘ledge’  surrounding the room just 30 cm above the ceiling and since the are to big double doors in to of the walls, I thought it might be a good idea to wallpaper the entire room. To create some sort of unity.

So I got the wallpaper and I also got some paint (not pink but a very light blue-ish turquoise). But I doubted my choice every step of the way. I usually follow the three-white-walls-and-one-eyecatcher-wall-method. So wallpapering an entire room seemed really scary to me and so did painting an entire room the same colour! But I went ahead and did it anyway. After we finished to wallpapering, the room already looked better (though I must admit, almost anything would have made those walls look better). Now we have also painted the walls. And I must say, the risk taking has paid off. Here’s a little before and after of the wallpaper. Pictures of the end result tomorrow… (I need a little more time to clean everything up a bit!)


5 responses to “High Risk

  1. Het voorproefje ziet er veelbelovend uit, ik ben nieuwsgierig naar het eindresultaat!

  2. Fijn dat het achter de rug is dan! En nu wachten op de eindfoto 🙂

  3. Wow, mooi opgeknapt al. Ben benieuwd naar de rest!

  4. Prachtig behangpapier!!
    Waar heb je dat gevonden?!

    • @ Rozemarie: Ik vond het om internet, en na even zoeken had ik uitgevonden waar ik het in NL kon kopen. Gewoon bij de Praxis! Lekker makkelijk dus. Dit behang is speciaal bedoeld om vervolgens te verven (maar het hoeft niet). Ik gebruikte Histor, de kleur Lucht/Air. Uhm ja, het was dus de karwei…

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