Busy Bee

I thought this weekend was going to be rather quiet. We didn’t plan anything whatsoever. Turns out, it was quite busy! Saturday we picked up an old vintage desk at my aunts. Which turned out to be too big for our office 😦
And I painted Ikea’s Bekväm a lovely green and now it’s bathroom-proof.
Then we had some unexpected visitors and cake.
Sunday wasn’t that tranquil either.
My mother and me wallpapered the dining room until we ran out of wallpaper!
We hung the Ikea Lack (more space for stuff)

And finally I used the white vases for actual flowers for once! The lovely pink vase was a sweet little gift from Anki, which she gave me at a lovely blog meeting I had with Iris, Anki and Nina.

Mini got busy too. He and I built a house with blankets and a table and then he destroyed our Istanbul dish :-(. He got a horn on his tricycle and he painted some lovely drawings with some great paint-pens (again a gift from Anki). So in the end I had a very productive and nice weekend!


5 responses to “Busy Bee

  1. Dat klinkt als een fijn (en productief!) weekend ja. Jammer van de schaal 😦

  2. Jammer van de schaal. Gave vorderingen in je huis. En hele mooie bloemen!

  3. Veel gebeurd inderdaad! Druk, maar fijn weekend zo te lezen.

  4. Super mooi zo, die Bekväm… zit te denken of ik de onze ook zal schilderen. En de rest is ook mooi! Fijne muren om iets op te hangen 😉

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