A Word For It

Back when I was a first years in art school, we had a course in typography. We got to experiment with using letters and their shapes. During the course I noticed that I had particulair fondness for using letters in a different kind of way. The most interesting thing to me was to ‘integrate’ the letters into the picture or background and not to simply stick a font on top of an image ( I love graphic design! So no disrespect). So I was always experimenting with arranging letters I had cut out of paper/made out of clay/wrote in the sand/whatever and photographing them. Today I was talking to my graphic designer cousin about the kind of styles in graphic design we liked. And than she told me the name for my favorite one: tactile. I never even knew the name! She also told me that is hadn’t been around that long either. So when I was experimenting with it about 10 years ago, no wonder I didn’t know the name of this style, It didn’t have a name yet!
So here’s Tactile:

Owen Gildersleeve via lukelukeluke.com |Dan Tobin Smith |Paul-Emile Raymond

Chris Labrooy| Derek Munn|Yulia Brodskaya

Rosie Geissler|Kyle BeanMatt Ellwood,

And if you like it as much as I do, you might wanna get this book by Pixel Garten, they really know their stuff!


3 responses to “A Word For It

  1. Ja, super leuke stijl dit! Erg inspirerend boek ook.

  2. Dat boek heb ik een tijdje geleden uit de bieb geleend, heel leuk ja. Er is er ook nog een die heet ‘Tangible’, zelfde idee.

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