Things Get Worse…

…Before they get better right? This weekend we definitely made things worse (and a little better). Another busy weekend for us, we emptied the living room and dining room of furniture so we could give our floors a final coating of with wash lacquer. Also the hall and kitchen needed a few coats of with wash. We didn’t get around to doing that before we moved. But the floors are looking great and rather white now.

Than we tore off all the wallpaper in our bedroom, which we already did in Mini’s room, the spare bedroom and our future office. So things upstairs are looking a bit ramshackle at the moment. And there’s also a ‘lovely’ (and to my beliefs, very ancient) bathroom floor that needs some serious work.

Today things are going to improve, there’s a plasterer working on our walls as I’m writing this. So hopefully we’ll soon have 4 rooms with nice and straight walls, without any drill holes of previous owners (we had lots and lots of those). And there’s also a tile-guy redoing our bathroom floor today. Tomorrow there’s also going to be a wood-guy who will work on our ramshackle banisters and doors. Yay progress!


3 responses to “Things Get Worse…

  1. Ik houd het mezelf ook maar voor… 😉

    Goede vorderingen bij jullie! Prachtige kleur op de vloer.

  2. Goed bezig Wendel! Ziet er super uit, die vloer!!

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