A Bright Spot…

…amidst the mess in our house was a little hard to find. But for me, our new cabinet definitely was one of them!  I was really annoyed with our old cabinet that in it’s new setting (and cut in half), it just didn’t look right at all.

But I wanted something that could house all of our ‘technology’ without me having to look at it all the time. Most of the cabinets I liked were way too big, I only have a space of 130 cm max. So I was really happy when I stumbled onto this one. And I even had the sense to ask for the inner and outer measurements before I bought it!

(now I only have to get rid of that stupid old tv, but I’m working on that)


3 responses to “A Bright Spot…

  1. Dit kastje ziet er inderdaad veel mooier uit. Je zou er bijna een radio ipv de tv op kunnen zetten. Good old times…

  2. Wat een geweldig kastje! Waar vond je hem?

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