Where The Wild Things Are

I have been in love with this beautiful book for like ever! Then the movie came, and I loved it as well. Though the story is very simple, I loved the beautiful monsters, the pure and childlike emotions, the enchanting images and that fantastic music. All these ingredients made for a beautiful experience. So today, an ode to The Wild Things.

1. children’s costumes via veetje.be  2. illustration by Craig Watkins via society6.com  3. movie poster @amazon 4. t-shirt via 2bhiptshirts  5. ring via shoppingblog.com  6. book by Maurice Sendak  7. book by Dave Eggers  8. sneakers via sneakerobsession.com  9. illustration by Nan Lawson via society6.com  10. figurines via doobybrain.com  11. cover soundtrack @amazon  12. Max-slippers by babycricket


5 responses to “Where The Wild Things Are

  1. Ik vind de soundtrack van de film zo leuk!

  2. Ziet er leuk uit maar ken het helemaal niet… Vooral het t-shirt vind ik mooi. Moet misschien het boek maar eens lezen.

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