Vintage Painting Restyled

I came across a great idea a while ago and decided to make my own. A vintage painting restyled with some white spray paint. I chose a few words from a song by Sia that both me and Boyfriend love. And I put it on our nightstand on Boyfriends side. I really like the way the letters now have all these different colours in them and how, if you look closely, you can still see the old painting through it. Wanna see how it’s done? Look hereAnd just to share some more, Here’s the video by Sia, but a warning first: this video is gorgeous!!!

Sia | Soon We’ll Be Found from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.


11 responses to “Vintage Painting Restyled

  1. Wauw Wendel, wat gaaf!

  2. Goed zeg, dat wil ik ook eens proberen!

  3. Dat vind ik ook zo’n mooi nummer. Had de clip nog nooit gezien, gaaf is die (en dan ben ik nog wel van de MTV-generatie 😉 Bestaat er eigenlijk nog zoiets als TMF/MTV in NL? Ik zou het echt niet meer weten… Begin nu echt een vrouwelijke ouwe l*l te worden ;))

    • @ nina Mooi nummer he? De clip vind ik zo mogelijk nog wel mooier… Enne, we hebben nog MTV maar geen TMF meer volgens mij. En jouw ouwe l*llen-gehalte valt reuze mee hoor. 😉

  4. Goed gelukt, heel tof idee. Ga het op mijn ‘lijstje’ zetten van dingen die ik graag nog wil maken.

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  6. I love this project! I just tried it and it didn’t turn out as well as yours…I think because I used paint instead of spray paint. Next time I’ll do that so that the paint doesn’t bleed under the letters. Anyway, thanks!

    • @ NiftyThrifty Thank you! Spray paint worked really well for me, so definitely give that a try sometime. And I used letters by Pick-Up, they also include a sort of graph paper that doesn’t stick so that you can space your letters real easy. A tip in case you come across more W’s! 😉

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