Here Comes The Sun

To make up for our crappy summer the weather gods finally decided to send some sun our way. And after spending the last 10 days or so indoors (working/sick/studying/sick/). Today, I was free, healthy and all my deadlines were met. So I finally got the chance to spend some time outdoors! Funny how a little bit of sunshine and can make you so happy!

Also, now I finally had the chance to take some pictures around the house of the teeny tiny steps of progress we’re making here.

I found this amazing school poster of Russia in our attic when we moved in. It was a little torn and broken. But I really wanted to fix it up. And since we have this weird little nook with a boarded up doorway, I thought I just use it instead of hide it. Now Mini has a little ‘school’ nook. And I’m sure he’ll be an expert in Russian geography in no time! 😉


5 responses to “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Wat een vondst en hij hangt daar geweldig. En hurray voor de gehaalde deadlines!

  2. Wauw mooi zeg! En heerlijk genieten van de zon zou ik zeggen!

  3. Gaaf gedaan!! 🙂

  4. Staat heel gaaf! leuk en vrolijk huis heb je. Ik heb een kaart van West-Europa, waar de DDR nog op staat 🙂

  5. Dat is inderdaad een hele mooie poster!

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