Being a Bad Blogger…

… is something I know all about these days! As I’ve been absent from the blogosphere over a week. Between starting my studies again, being sick, working and trying to fix up our house, I got a bit overwhelmed. And I probably have to acknowledge that I might have a little too much on my plate. And at the end of each day, I just didn’t have the energy to blog anymore. And each day, I put it off to tomorrow. And that’s how I became a Bad Blogger. Which is better then being a bad student/girlfriend/mom/employee I figured. Especially since I’m having a pretty hard time trying to be good at all of the above! Anyway, I am trying to mend my ways! And I’m letting go of some of the everyday-stress. Taking my cue from a relaxing sunday morning. And here’s how that looks in my house: eggs, rolls, jam and Lego!


2 responses to “Being a Bad Blogger…

  1. Als ik uit die lijst moest kiezen, lijkt me dit ook de slimste keuze! 🙂 Hoop voor je dat het binnenkort wat rustiger wordt. Heb je herfstvakantie?

  2. Komt tijd komt blog, toch? Het moet tenslotte wel een beetje leuk blijven en geen extra stress opleveren. Succes met alles en fijne zondag!

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