Gender Neutral Onesies

In between my busyness of late, a good friend of mine gave birth to a little girl. And as she choose not to know the sex of the baby before it was born. I went in search of gender neutral onesies. Which is quite hard! Most regular stuff in stores are either blue or pink and have either flowers or trucks. Gender neutral obviously isn’t the trend right now! So I decided to just buy some very neutral (meaning white) onesies and use some of the stuff I had lying around to decorate them. Maybe moustaches aren’t very gender neutral, but I happen to think they look pretty cool on both boys and girls! 😉


4 responses to “Gender Neutral Onesies

  1. Super leuk gedaan!

  2. Die zijn heel leuk geworden!!

  3. Heel erg leuk!. Dat snorretje kan op zo veel andere dingen worden getekend/geplakt. En het uiltje trouwens ook. heel ‘unisex’ inderdaad 🙂

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