Climbing Back on the Horse

My first post in quite a while! Somehow the rest of my life made it virtually impossible for me to keep my virtual life going. I’m not gonna complain about it, because it’s all because of my own free will. So I fell of the horse… (again) and I’m climbing back on, right now! With a good Hell Yes attitude… 😉

[Hell, Yes!, Ugo Rondinone, 2001]

Though I expect I might just fall of again since my busy schedule will be that way ’till the end of december. But I’ll try my best not to!


5 responses to “Climbing Back on the Horse

  1. Goed om je weer hier te zien! Maar laat je niet opjagen hoor, bloggen kan altijd nog. 😉 Succes met de drukte!

  2. Welkom terug! 🙂

  3. Leuk je weer te ‘zien’. En ik heb hetzelfde: tot de kerst volle kracht vooruit 🙂 Succes ermee!

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