Pretty Coloured Satchels

It became clear to me that around the blogosphere, I wasn’t the only one lusting after this bag by the Cambridge Satchel Company. Since neon colours came back in style, the company launched a line of their ‘golden oldie’ in bright and bold neon colours. There’s neon pink (my favorite):Or you can choose neon green:And even neon yellow:I haven’t gotten past the stage of lusting after these beauties mostly because they’re a little out of my price range and apparently, they are pretty hard to come by (long delivery time and all).  And then I found these:Another great satchel that is rocking some pretty solid polka dots to boot! They’re by and come in all kinds of colours and they’re definitely rekindling my love for the polka dot. Oh water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink… Because these fab satchels are only just a teeny tiny bit more affordable! 😉


3 responses to “Pretty Coloured Satchels

  1. Heb van ‘t weekend een fluorgroene besteld… 🙂

  2. Ik heb hem al eeuwen tussen mijn favorieten staan, maar het bestellen ging voorheen alleen via ebay en toen kwam ik er niet uit. Dat gaat nu makkelijker zo te zien. Maar hmm, welke kleur…

  3. Dat model is echt heel erg leuk. De primark heeft soortgelijke (goedkope) kopieën. Misschien ook nog een tip..

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