Going Bananas

Wooden letters or signs aren’t exactly new in interior-land but these signs by William Dohman, that I found in his Etsy shop sure are cool! And I have a feeling that a yellow banana sign would really tie my room together…  You can get them here and even pick out your own colour.

And he makes these clunky wooden toys as well. You can’t really play with them, but I think they look really funny!


4 responses to “Going Bananas

  1. OMG ik vind je blog nu pas :S Maar goed ook ander had ik de mooie kaartjes en kadootjes al eerder gezien. Maar ik vind het uiteraard wel leuk om je te volgen 😀

  2. Oh wow, deze zijn geweldig. I love robots!
    Hendrik Kerstens expositie is er trouwens nog, bij gallerie Rademakers

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