Unwrapping Party

This week my Swan Scarf by Donna Wilson came in the mail. And even though I ordered it myself, it felt like a present (you know the feeling right?). It came in a lovely pink package and I couldn’t just rip it open, so I even documented the opening of the package (yeah, I probably got carried away a bit). People like Donna Wilson really know how to put together a package that just radiates care for the product and the costumer. It’s all in the details; the cool sticker on the front, the environmental friendly pink bag, extra tote that held the scarf, the cool wrapping paper and even a handwritten note. And since I went a little overboard anyway with the whole documenting, I even made a little animated gif (my first!)DW scarf

Another great thing about buying something new is trying it on. So a few examples of how I plan on combining the scarf with my winter coat. The white wool does ‘rub off’ on the black coat just a little. But it’s totally worth the sacrifice! 

And finally a little glimpse at the cool extra’s. Because as I said before, they totally ‘make’ the package. 


5 responses to “Unwrapping Party

  1. Fan-tas-tisch: zowel de sjaal als de gif en de verpakking!!

  2. Oeoeoeoeoeh, moooi! Echt een cadeautje ja.

  3. Oooh, wat een mooie sjaal! Die had ik nog niet eerder gezien… Dacht nog wel dat ik heel Donna’s collectie inmiddels van buiten kende! 😉
    Hmm… voor het warme-sjaal-effect moet je hem denk ik wel wat meer omwikkelen, maar voor het show-effect meer draperen zoals op de eerste twee foto’s.

  4. Oeh, wat heb je dit goed aangepakt! Genieten!

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