Little Corners

In between the studying, the working and being a parent, I sometimes get frustrated with how little time there is left to fix up our house. And the only things I see are the chores and jobs that need to be done. I get all tunnel visioned (I know, that’s not even a word!) and all I see are the bare walls that need wallpaper or the window frames that still need painting. Tunnel vision is pretty suckey because you begin to feel like you’re living in a real dump. Which isn’t even true! So, today a little attention to the lovely corners around my house that make the unfinished bits a lot easier to live with!

(and the studying will be done by december 7th. So more free time! Yeay me!)


4 responses to “Little Corners

  1. Ik vind je huis hartstikke mooi! En sfeervol. Maar ik ken dat ‘het zit in je hoofd dus het is zo’ gevoel. Succes met de laatste loodjes studie!

  2. Ziet er mooi uit hoor: oud en nieuw samen, heel leuk! En ik zie ‘Taal is echt mijn ding’ liggen. Een grappig boekje: ik heb er hard om gelachen 🙂

  3. Prachtige collage!! En dat roze hoofd hangt er erg mooi bij!

  4. Unfinished? Ziet er hartstikke mooi uit!

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