Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Now I have my weekends back, it’s also time to make our house a little more christmassy. But since the light is so crappy this time of year and so is my camera, I opted to use instagram instead (have you heard of it? such a convenient and practical app ;-)). So a few snapshots of our home and our x-mas stuff. 

The white christmas tree is Mini’s. He picked it out himself and decorated it (with my help obviously). His tree, Mini is allowed to play with, when we decorate a big real tree tomorrow, that one will be off limits. At least that’s the plan…. There’s also a glittery deer camping on some books  and a few Jurianne Matter lanterns scattered around the place which are really pretty when lit, so is my fave Pols Potten lamp by the way! A big glass vase is filled with christmas ornaments as a sort of christmas centre piece. And everywhere candles, candles, candles! Of course it wouldn’t be christmas without some vintage Maria & Christ prints…


2 responses to “Getting Into the Spirit of Things

  1. Ideaal dat instagram 😉 Het ziet er heerlijk knus uit. De mariaplaatjes staan mooi bij de kaarsen!

  2. Mooie foto’s. Ziet er gezellig uit. En best wishes voor 2012!

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