Happy 2012!

I believe it’s allowed to wish people a happy new year on the 2nd of january isn’t it? So better late then never:I’m a little late with my wishes because yesterday I really wasn’t up to blogging. As I preferred to spend my time sleeping. I still had a bit of a hangover from all the Tiki Death Punch the boyfriend made. It was totally worth it though we had great fun!

I don’t usually do new years resolutions mainly because I’m terrible at keeping them. But this year I do have one. And to give you a little hint: it has nothing to do with me cleaning more often 😉 This year I do want to be a little more aware of all the good things around me.

2011 was a pretty though year for me. Balancing the whole studying, working and mother-thing was quite rough at times.  And if I hadn’t completely underestimated the whole thing, I probably wouldn’t even have started on my Master. In 2012 all I have to do is write my final thesis (and yes, I’m totally underestimating that too). See? I’m counting blessings already 😉 So in 2012 I wish for you all, what I wish for myself: time to enjoy the good things!

Of course 2011 wasn’t all bad, many good things happened for me. I started blogging, we moved to a new house, Mini keeps growing and surprising me daily, I met lovely new people and I learned so much! So in light of my new year’s resolution, a little recap of the beautiful things in 2011:







3 responses to “Happy 2012!

  1. Een heel mooi jaar voor jou! 🙂

  2. Oeh dat is zeker pittig,
    studeren, werken en moederen tegelijk.
    Ik deed dat ook een aantal jaren geleden
    en had het ook zwaar onderschat!
    Heerlijk dat je bijna klaar bent.
    Wat een prachtig voornemen voor 2012
    Groot geluk schuilt vaak in de kleinste dingen.
    Ik wens jou ook een prachtig, mooi, leerzaam, inspirerend
    en heel gelukkig nieuwjaar!

  3. Heel veel geluk en succes in 2012!

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