The Truth About Me

To tell you the truth, I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd. Ever since I was little I loved Startrek, Starwars and Stargate. My ultimate favourite was of course, Star wars, I used to watch it every time I was sick. Luckily I met a equally nerdy boy who appreciates similar things in life. Now we can watch it together while bitching about George Lucas who should keep his dirty hands of the original movies and should stuff all the re-edits somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. But that’s just my humble nerdy opinion….  Meanwhile internet offers me all kinds of wonderfull re-interpretations and art to satisfy all my nerdy desires.

Posters 1 +2: Olly Moss, poster 3: Khallion, posters 4+5+6: Justin van Gelderen, posters 7+8:  Jerod Gibson, posters 9+10+11: Handz


One response to “The Truth About Me

  1. Cool, ik ben ook een echte Star Wars geek 🙂
    Mooie verzameling posters heb je bij elkaar gevonden.
    En inderdaad wtf George, je kunt echt geen tekst toevoegen op plaatsen waar nooit tekst was!

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