Wallpaper, wallpaper and a little more wallpaper

One of the few rooms in our house that is 90% done is Mini’s room. And his room has a very cool wallpaper by fashion designer J.C. de Castelbajac, mostly because I couldn’t really part with this wallpaper just yet. Mini used to have the same wallpaper in his previous room.

And though I still love it, I come across so many cool wallpapers that I sometimes wish I had ten more walls left! Here’s a selection of awesome wallpaper I found at Minimoderns, doesn’t it make you wanna re-paper your house too? 

1. Fayre’s Fair – Mustard 2. Whitby – Lido 3. Pet Sounds – Harvest Orange 4. Festival – Stone 5. C-60 – Snow 6. Hold Tight – Mustard 7. Our Adventure Is About To Begin – Sky Blue 8. Six of One – Smoothie Pink


8 responses to “Wallpaper, wallpaper and a little more wallpaper

  1. ooo die bootjes !!

  2. wauw,
    echt te gek dat het je naam is!
    vind ik zeer leuk.

    fijne dag!

  3. Het woord behang komt nog steeds een beetje oubollig op me over, maar deze zijn echt geweldig.

  4. Thankyou so much – keith at mini moderns

  5. Yeah!! Wallpaper thx. I was waiting for this post 😉

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