Berlin Birthday

In about 10 days it’s my birthday. And just like last year I’m fleeing the scene. I don’t feel like celebrating this birthday at all! I’ll be packing my bags, bidding you all adieu and spend a few days in lovely Berlin. My niece Maxime gave me a tip for a great hotel and we’ve already booked a room there. The Michelberger Hotel, honestly, this hotel might just be a little too hip for me 😉It’s this incredibly cool hotel run by a bunch of creative people and lead by a guy named Tom. Tom’s plan was to live in a building with some of his friends, but he and his friends ended up creating a place where they not only live, but actually run a hotel as well. Together they all put in a lot of hard work and the place looks great. At least the pictures do 😉 I’m really excited to spend a few days in a hotel that doesn’t only look awesome but has this amazing creative atmosphere as well!

Our room will be the ‘cosy room’ which is basically a big bed, but what else do you need anyway? I’ve never spent any time behind one of those desks that you normally find in hotel rooms and I’ve never hung my clothes in a closet there either. 

Cosy right? I’ve probably just spend way to much time jabbering on about a hotel, but I can’t help it. I’m kind of excited! By the way, if any of you have really good Berlin-tips for me, I’m all ears!


6 responses to “Berlin Birthday

  1. O spannend, ben heel erg benieuwd naar het hotel én de verdere Berlijn-verhalen!!

  2. Wow dat ziet er gaaf uit zeg!!!
    Heel veel plezier!

  3. If you haven’t been to Berlin before you should definitely see the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the TV Tower. But for something that appears in some of the guidebooks but might not seem obvious you should go to Fassbender & Rausch – if you like chocolate that is. You’ll feel like Charlie at Willy Wonka’s factory when you look around at the massive chocolate models of the sights I mentioned earlier and the chocolate volcano. The truffles are incredible and as well as enjoying them yourself, you can win some brownie points by taking some home as gifts. Have a great birthday. You’ve chosen an incredible place to spend it.

  4. woh ziet er heel leuk en berlijn is sowieso supervet !

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