Trying Something New

A pretty long time ago I pinned these images here on Pinterest. I think this casual and temporary way to hang posters and such is pretty cool! And I like the whole not framing stuff a lot.

[Images by Meg Lewis from Apartment Therapy]

I actually have pant hangers lying around that I haven’t been using for ages. So why not try this? I must say I was a little apprehensive wether this would work in our house. But hey, I like living on the edge… So I did it anyway!

I’m still adjusting to it myself. And I’m not sure yet whether it will stay this way. Also, I need to think of a way to keep the posters from curling up.
But I do love the prints!

Here’s where they’re from:
Gin & Tonic by Dear Colleen
L-O-V-E by Lee Crutchley via Society6
Birds from the Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Cubic Cube 1 by Rock That Horse  who gave me this print as an extra present with my order (so sweet!)
I Like You by Gemma Correl this print was my valentine gift to Boyfriend
Cool Camera’s by Handz


2 responses to “Trying Something New

  1. Gaaf! Dat krullen is inderdaad lastig, misschien een telefoonboek? 😉 Og verzwaren aan de onderkant, dat werkt denk ik wel.

  2. Superidee, staat prachtig! Stiekem een buddie aan de onderkant misschien?

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