Waking Up From a Blog Coma

I haven’t been blogging much at all. I really have been just way too lazy busy! It started innocently enough because it was just too warm and lovely outside. Then I got too busy and preoccupied with my thesis and I ended up being just too sick to do anything much anymore.
Of course after that I immediately was too busy again with all the stuff I didn’t do when I was sick. So it was a vicious circle really and completely not my fault! 😉

I guess I also kind of really needed a blog break in my head. Sometimes the online life is a little overwhelming and I spend way too much time caring about online-stuff instead of just being.
When I started to ‘wake up’ last week, I finally felt like taking some pictures around the house and actually blogging about them!
Here’s a few small changes around our living room.

Notice the awesome poster above our sofa? It’s a screenprint of the Fernsehturm on Alexanderplatz we brought back from Berlin. I love the bright colours and I think it goes really well with the wall colour. Berlin is just such a great city! I’ve been pondering whether or not I should finish my half written post on Berlin, or has that just been too long ago?


6 responses to “Waking Up From a Blog Coma

  1. Die poster is echt fantastisch!!

  2. Finish it! I’m way too curious to care about the time lapse 😉 hope the next few weeks will be a little less hectic 🙂

  3. Wat een geweldige poster!
    Ik miste je al.
    Snap het wel heel goed,
    zit zelf ook nogal in een social media dip.
    T is inderdaad nogal veel soms!

    • Ik zag jou ook al wat minder rondtwitteren idd! Soms moet je al zoveel dat Social Media ook een beetje begint te voelen als een ‘moetje’ terwijl het zo leuk is! Dus dan kan je maar beter even relaxen 😉

  4. Hej hej, je bent er weer 😉
    Al weer 6 weken zie ik! Had je posts gemist. Kan me alles voorstellen bij een blog break and just being. Leuk dat je weer aan het bloggen bent.

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