Berlin: Michelberger Hotel

Light-years ago we went on a trip to Berlin. One thing I was particularly looking forward to was the hotel. We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel in East Berlin and just by looking at the site I wandered if I was even cool enough to stay there. It turned out to be an amazing place. What was the most amazing you ask? The attention to detail in every aspect of the hotel! Whether it was de cool key card for our room or the custom designed wallpaper. Everything had such great detail and a lot of humour was incorporated everywhere. The thing that really impressed us the most was de 24/7 TV channel that aired nothing but The Big Lebowski. I just couldn’t believe that when I woke up, “The Dude” would still be there!
Here are some pictures of our room and cool Michelberger-stuff. (Some of the pictures are rather dark and blurry, we arrived in the evening and I took pictures straight away. Come morning, we had already messed the place up so much that pictures where out of the question!)


6 responses to “Berlin: Michelberger Hotel

  1. ziet er heel vet uit, ga ik onthouden voor ooit 🙂
    en niet hip genoeg, hip is your middle name.
    zij zijn niet hip genoeg voor jou 😉

  2. Gaaf, ik wil erheen!!

  3. Dat ziet er echt super uit! Haha, 24/7 the Dude op tv!!

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