Sweet Mad Men Style

Here in the Netherlands we are still denied the pleasure of Mad Men season 5 and have to wait until 2013 for it to actually be aired here.
But I simply can’t wait that long!  And there are ways around this little problem… So far my love for Mad Men has stood the test of time (I still love it, despite it’s long absence). In the new season Don has a new place.
In this swanky condo you can spot a lot of the beautiful stuff us vintage-lovers would die for.  Though I must say, at first sight there seems to be an awful lot of brown!
The gems hidden here, take a little longer to spot, like many animals they are cleverly disguised by using camouflage… or to make a long story short, they too are brown. But eventually you’ll definitely pot the gems.
I guess it takes (me) a little longer to spot them because nowadays we prefer our teak wood furniture with white floors and brightly colored walls. So (again to me) it’s a little alienating and very interesting to see them in their natural habitat. Mad Men always provides me which so much more then just entertainment, it’s also a little lesson in the history of style…


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