The Feminist Antics of Ryan Gosling

I stumbled upon something on the internet, and just laughed my socks off. Okay, it may be a little academic/nerdy/brainy but it’s also completely hilarious/funny/witty. I give you…. (imagine a drum roll here)….Feminist Ryan Gosling

According to some internet sources I’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere because I didn’t know about this phenomenon until now. But I’m just gonna go ahead and call that rock the Netherlands.

What did you say? You didn’t hear about it either? Sssshhhh…. I swear I won’t tell! Here’s what you need to know before you share this with all of your friends:
Feminist Ryan Gosling was created by Danielle Henderson and meant as a study aid to keep up with the insane amount of theoretics that come with Gender and Women’ studies graduate degree. The whole thing started after she watched a Ryan Gosling movie and saw some of the original Hey Girl memes. She thought it would be funny to mix the dry theoretics with some lighthearted internet fun. And now it’s such a success that there is even a book coming out!


One response to “The Feminist Antics of Ryan Gosling

  1. Ik ken het ja. Heb er ook hardop om gelachen!

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