Art Above the Mantlepiece

After hanging our awesome neon fernsehturm, I noticed it didn’t really go well with the mountain scenery above the mantle piece. So I mixed things up a bit with some classic 1930’s art. Currently Young Lady With Gloves by Tamara de Lempicka is hanging every so suavely above the mantle piece and she’s looking pretty good next to the neon fernsehturm!

What’s that? You want to know a little more about Tamara de Lempicka? Well, she’s this pretty cool lady originally from Poland. Because of the Russian Revolution she and her family fled the scene and ended up in Paris. There she began discovering her own bold and distinctive style of painting. It probably helped her career that she hung out with the cool crowd; she was besties with the likes of Picasso, Gide and Cocteau. Not too shabby!
She’s generally classified as an Art Deco artist and not as a Cubist. But when I look at her work I definitely can spot the influence of cubism in her work. Her human figures are stylized and the hint of cubism makes them look like statues. I love the bold shapes she uses to make her human figures look so cool and clean as if they are made out of marble. This is also emphasized by here strong use of light and shade, how Titian-esque.. Though Tamara is often a little forgotten in all the Bohemian frenzy of early 1900’s Paris, I really love her work!

Here are some other awesome examples of her work. And don’t forget to check the fabulous stylized curls on the ladies, ‘cause I’m obsessed with them!

1. La Dormeuse  2. Portrait of Mrs M.  3. Adam and Eve  4. Woman with Dove 5. Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti  6. Andromeda


2 responses to “Art Above the Mantlepiece

  1. Wauw! Ik kende haar werk niet. Shame in me.

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