Ch-Ch-Changes coming up?

On a rainy day last week, I got it into my head to flip the living room with the dining room. We’re not very formal and never had separate rooms for dining and ‘living’ but since our house is from the 1930’s, the rooms are separated by built-in ensuite doors.  Anyway, while Mini was asleep I flipped over the 2 main furniture pieces (sofa and table). And than a terrible thing happened, the flip started to make sense to me!

Since we had a busy weekend ahead I flipped the rooms back again, but I’m planning the ‘Big Change’ as we speak…
I wonder about this crazy thing that always makes me want to change things.
It seems like some people (including myself) are just always pushing for yet another change. What is that? Is it restlessness or maybe a sign of creativity? Who knows, I guess it means that in our house there is always something to do!


2 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes coming up?

  1. Looks to work really well. I’m one for a change around too, not all the time but sometimes an idea just comes and you have to try it.

  2. Ik denk creativiteit: ziet er goed uit! 🙂

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