Visiting Ai Wei Wei

This post has been stuck in ‘Draft’ for like ever! We visited Ai Wei Wei around the end of june and I’m  only just getting around to posting about it. Sadly, my absence is not because of summer or a relaxing vacation.  I just got so busy with work and writing my thesis and I spent so much time behind a screen, that I suffered from a severe case of computer-fatigueness (yeah I know, that’s probably not even a word…). Anyways, me and my computer are friends once more. So I’m excited to post here again!

The Ai Wei Wei exhibit was absolutely lovely. And the Boyfriend, Mini and myself had a great time in De Pont!The sculptural works of Ai Wei Wei have such a tranquil and peaceful quality. It’s a real pleasure walking among his works (in Mini’s case running). The interesting thing is, that this peaceful quality is in sharp contrast with his short films that were also on exhibit. Ai Wei Wei is very critical towards the Chinese government and the way they treat their  inhabitants. The films on display at De Pont provided me with a very confronting insight into the situation of  human rights in China.  I really became aware of some of the conflicts from a very direct source (the individuals living through them). And it really made me think. The exhibition was very interesting on all levels, even Mini’s level! I’m so glad we went even though it was the very last day of the exhibit!

And as a bonus: an odd little family portrait!


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  1. Ziet er indrukwekkend uit!

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