A Banana Anniversary

This july me and the Boyfriend have been together for 8 years. We celebrated it in a big way, if celebrating means forgetting. That’s right, we both completely forgot about the whole anniversary! Even though the previous month we picked out our anniversary gift together. <br>It took us almost a week to realize how dumb we both were. And on a not so special tuesday, we finally opened our gift. Even though it wasn’t much of a surprise and we completely ruined the moment, we’re pretty happy with it!

Why a sign that says ‘bananas’ you ask? Well, we got the sign at Oh Dier, a Etsy shop that makes awesome wooden signs, I blogged about it here. We both already really liked the Bananas sign then. So when the time came to pick a gift for ourselves we just went for it! Actually, I hesitated and wanted a more lovey dovey kind of sign, but as the Boyfriend pointed out, our year has been kind of bananas, so it fits very well! No, it just needs a good spot…


3 responses to “A Banana Anniversary

  1. Ik vind ‘m geweldig en van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie jubileum.

  2. Helemaal goed! Bananas it is! Gefeliciteerd met 8 jaar samen!

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