Yvestown Fair

Catching my breath from a super fun day at the Yvestown Fair. I attended as part of a super-elite-helper-team together with Casper, Iris and Philomeen. It was such a good day! Yvonne as the mastermind behind the whole fair organized everything so well and every detail was totally up to the Yvestown standard. Next year is going to be even more amazing!

I made lemonade, poured coffee and sliced (but didn’t try!) some delicious looking cakes. (here you can find me on the job)

It was a totally bizarre experience making coffee and tea and rummaging through the cupboards of Yvonne’s kitchen. I’ve seen pictures of Yvonne’s kitchen a million times, I think by now it has got a reputation of its own! And there I was looking for filters and filling the sugar bowl all the while thinking how weird it is that I’m actually doing such mundane things in this ‘almost famous’ kitchen! Philomeen felt the same way and like a total tourist asked my to take her picture with the kitchen!

Of course there was also lots of meeting and chatting with other bloggers. The day ended with a lovely dinner in the garden where I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants….


8 responses to “Yvestown Fair

  1. seems very Alice and wonderland-ish. I love it. Great photos.

    I hope you stop by my blog.


  2. So nice to meet you & your dress *.* Tot een volgende keer! -x- Rozalinde

  3. Die laatste foto is gaaf… superleuk dat je er ook bij was! Die glaasjes water en limonade waren echt van onschatbare waarde! 😉

  4. mooie foto’s en leuk die vlaggetjes

  5. hi
    you are the girl with the cute dress

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