Away On Holiday: Graffiti

Just one more post about our lovely holiday. Going to Sardinia I expected the towns and villages that we visited to be quaint and picturesque. I thought about derelict buildings and vespa’s. But somehow I never thought about modern day stuff like graffiti. Then when we visited Cagliari (Capital of Sardinia) I was kind of suprised by the amount of graffiti and I ended up photographing them a lot more then all of the old stuff (churches and what not) together! 

I also feel in love with this one artist and had a lot of fun spotting his/her pieces. I loved the crazy fishes, ships and other weird spikey entities I found on the walls of Cagliari. I even played a detective a little bit and did a Google search to find out who was behind those great pieces. And I even found him! He works under the name Crisa and if you also like his stuff, you can found out more about him here and look at more work here.

Excuse the blurriness of the photo, I took it from a moving car, the Sardinian traffic craziness really didn’t allow us to stop!


5 responses to “Away On Holiday: Graffiti

  1. Die laatste foto!! Gaaf!

  2. That Crisa guy makes some intriguing wall art! Very exciting to spot good graffiti like that around a city 🙂

  3. Ja inderdaad, ik ben daar ook geweest en heb me wel over verbaasd over de grote hoeveelheid graffiti. Hoe mooi het ook is, toch vreemd dat het zoveel was en op zulke mooie oude gebouwen. Maar het geeft wel een heel ander bruisend sfeertje dan in bijv. Alghero.

  4. Gaaf zo deze reeks: een hele goede sfeer zo samen 🙂

  5. Toevallig deze week de (al wat oudere) docufilm van Banksy gezien. Streetart blijft fascineren!

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